NSFOCUS NTA (Hardware) V4.5R90F05 Upgrade List

Name: update_nta_V4.5R90F05.231110build48356.bin Version:V4.5R90F05
MD5:f9b3359eaba5b8e8e44c70bc1e887e27 Size:278.05M

[Source Version]
[Target Version]
[Matching Versions of Collaborative Devices]
ADS: V4.5R90F05
ADSM: V4.5R90F05
TAT: V2.0.0
MF: V4.5R90F01SP08
[Function Description]
1. The HTTP slow attack detection is added for regions and IP groups in the DPI mode.
2. The IP segment attack detection is added for regions and IP groups.
3. The sampling ratio of packet capture is configurable in the DPI mode.
4. A mail reminder is provided when the license is about to expire.
5. A system user now can be authenticated by password + email.
6. The device security is improved.
7. The online help is now available.
8. Known bugs are fixed.
[Important Notes]
1. The web-based manager is inaccessible during system updating.
2. All engines are stopped during system updating.
3. After updating is complete, users need to refresh the web page as prompted.
4. During the upgrade, it is normal that the web-based manager displays an error message "502 Bad Gateway" or directly denies your access request.
Please refresh the web-based manager 5 minutes later, and then check Product Version in About. If the version is V4.5R90F05, the upgrade succeeds.

Release Time:2023-11-29 10:53:56